National Strategic Review of Mathematical Sciences Research in Australia

Launch of the Review Report on 14 December 2006
The findings and recommendations of the Review were made public at the formal launch of the Review report, at 11.00 on Thursday 14 December in the Board Room of the Australian Academy of Science, Ian Potter House, Canberra.

Short speeches were given at the launch of the review by the following people:

Professor J Hyam Rubinstein FAA, Professor of Mathematics, University of Melbourne and Chair of the Australian Academy of Science National Committee for Mathematical Sciences of the Australian Academy of Science, speaking as Chair of the Review Working Party (Download PDF file of speech;   Read speech on-line)

Professor Graham Farquhar FAA FRS, Distinguished Professor, Research School of Biological Sciences The Australian National University, speaking on behalf of the Australian Academy of Science (Download PDF file of speech;   Read speech on-line)

Dr Phillip McFadden FAA, Chief Scientist, Geoscience Australia and Treasurer, Australian Academy of Science, formally launching the report (Download PDF file of speech;   Read speech on-line)

The Review Report
The full Review report is published as

Mathematics and Statistics: Critical Skills for Australia's Future, (copyright Australian Academy of Science, December 2006) ISBN 0 85847 234 1

The full report, and a short document based on the Executive Summary of the full report, are available for download as PDF files.

The Review was supported financially by the Australian Research Council (Special Research Initiatives scheme, project number SR059001), the Australian Mathematical Society, Inc., the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute, and the Statistical Society of Australia, Inc. The views expressed in the report and in the summary of the report are those of the Working Party for the Review and are not necessarily those of the Australian Research Council, or of the other societies and institutes that assisted with funding of the Review.

Address for Enquiries
A/Prof. Barry Hughes, Executive Director, National Strategic Review,
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Melbourne, Victoria 3010
e-mail      phone (03) 8344 5557

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